The Bridge hotel      

The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi offers a variety of services to support your memorable trip.

Hospitality Services1

Plenty of amenities and equipment for lending

We have thought of various situations and have prepared a wide range of supplies that you may wish to have during your stay.
There is also a wide range of supplies for children.

Hospitality Services2

Assistance in case of illness, injury, or
when someone forgets something

If you are injured or sick and need an ambulance or hospital, the front desk staff will help you find one and deal with the paramedics.
We can also ship forgotten items to you after you check out.

Hospitality Services3

Surprise on your special day

From birthdays and honeymoons to wedding anniversaries and marriage proposals, we will help you celebrate your stay with us to make it a memorable one. (*Advanced reservations are required.)

International calls 5 minutes
International calls 5 minutes

Hospitality Service4

Children under 12 years old’s co-sleeping is free and have free breakfast.

Dotonbori Hotel Group offers ” children under 12 years old’s co-sleeping is free service ” for all hotels.
Please enjoy your family trip at The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi
(※Limited to parents/guardians who have selected the breakfast plan.)

Hospitality Service5

Propose plan.

The front desk staff will be glad to recommend restaurants, sightseeing spots, etc. to meet your needs.

International calls 5 minutes

Free Service& Equipment for rent

The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi has prepared a variety of equipment that customers wish were available to make your stay more pleasant.Please ask the front desk staff at the time of your stay if you would like to borrow any of these items. If you would like to rent a wheelchair or equipment for children, please let us know upon reservation.
In addition、Please note that the number is limited. Please be forewarned.

Inside the hotel.

Beer Freezing Highball

Orion Beer Freezing Highball

Free beer and freezing highballs are available every night from 21:30 to 22:30.

ice cream

ice cream

Every night from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., we will be serving free ice cream.

Free Drink

Free Drink

Coffee, juice, tea, cold and hot water are available 24 hours a day at the restaurant on the first floor.

overnight ramen noodle

overnight ramen noodle

Every night from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., you can enjoy a daily selection of homemade ramen noodles and as many of the 50 kinds of alcohol that are available.



Washing machines and dryers are available 24 hours a day in the laundry room on the 12th floor. We also have detergent available for your use.

international telephone call


Free international phone calls are available in the lobby on the first floor.

Massage chair


Massage chairs are available 24 hours a day in the lobby on the first floor.

Women’s amenities

Women's amenities

For female customers, we prepare skin care products such as cleansing, lotion, and milky lotion at the front desk.

WIFI within the hotel

WIFI within the hotel

WIFI (wireless internet) is available in the entire hotel.


WIFI within the hotel

We will make postcards of your wonderful travel memories.

In the room


Laptops available for rental

The information can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tourist information and information on drinking places. If you need a printout, please contact the front desk staff.

Beauty Face care

Rental of facial equipment

We offer Panasonic skin care products to help you take care of your skin while traveling. (Limited number available)

Hair Irons

hair irons Rental

2WAYWe have straight and curling hair irons available.

Nano Care Hair Dryer

Nano care hair dryers are fully equipped

We have a Panasonic nano hair dryer that can be used for hair beauty treatments.


Steam irons rental

We have an iron and ironing board for you to use.

Smart Phone Charger

Smart phone chargers rental

iPhone、android、type C battery charger is available

USB port

Power outlet with USB jacks are fully equipped

We offer USB ports for smartphones and tablets.

Interchangeable plugs

Conversion plugs rental

Explore the city of Osaka at your leisure, and you’re sure to find something new!

When you out


rental car

You can freely explore the city of Osaka and make new discoveries.
※rental time・・・5:00~21:30

pocket WIFI

pocket wifi rental

4G LTE high-speed communication, unlimited capacity. You can use it on your computer, smartphone, etc.

Mobile Battery

Mobile batteries rental

High-capacity, fast-charging mobile batteries are available.

Hand-held electric fan

Hand-held fans rental

This is a handheld fan that can be used easily in hot conditions.

Hotel original
tourist information

Hotel original tourist information

This is a hotel original service where you can always see information on recommended spots (gourmet, shopping, sightseeing) in the surrounding area.
URL below

Keep your Luggage

Keep your Luggage

We will keep your luggage free of charge before check-in and after check-out (please pick it up on the day).

Umbrella rental

Umbrella rental

On days when it is likely to rain, we rent out umbrellas for free. Please go out with umbrellas

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair rental

For those who need a wheelchair, we have a limited number of lightweight foldable wheelchairs available.

For those who bring children

Children under 12 years of age can stay free of charge at The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi, as long as they stay in the same room with their family and sleep together.And If the guardian staying with the child chooses the breakfast plan, the child will also be served free of charge.

Children’s amenities

Children's amenities

Children’s yukata

Children's yukata

Blanket for children

Blanket for children

Children’s toilet

Children's toilet

Children’s bath

Children's bath

Baby beds
(Within 0-12 months)

Baby beds (Within 0-12 months)

Baby Guard

Baby Guard

Put diapers

Put diapers

Baby bottle disinfectant

Baby bottle disinfectant



(with in 0~3 years old )

stroller(with in 0~3 years old )

Butt wipe warmer

Butt wipe warmer