The Bridge hotel      

All-you-can-eat ice cream
All-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages

Every day 15:00~21:30

All of our guests get to enjoy a variety of alcoholc beverages
and ice cream every day from 15:00 to 21:30
(at the breakfast venue on the 1st floor)
to make their trip at the Bridge Hotel
Shinsaibashi even more enjoyable!

Daily homemade ramen
every night20:30~21:30

Enjoy along with a variety of free drinks!

Every night you get to enjoy free ramen noodles
which are freshly prepared by our staff
in a variety of daily changing flavors
End an eventful day with a hearty bowl of noodles and a cool drink!

Kimono try-on experience

Every Monday and Thursday
17:00〜18:00(1Floor at lobby)

Pick your favorite kimono from a variety
of colorful patterns! Take pictures you can
show your friends and family at home!
We also offer a free postcard printing service
for the photos you take.

Street food events

Every Tuesday and Saturday
17:00〜18:00(Breakfast venue)

You can try different kinds of Japanese street foods
Japanese food experience service
Seasonal street foods are added to the menu regularly

Japanese festival events

Every Wednesday and Friday
17:00〜18:00(1st floor lobby)

Nostalgic Japanese games such as target shooting and ring toss
You can enjoy the festival atmosphere at the hotel.
There are some great prizes to win great prizes
For children, friends, and family.
Everyone is welcome!

DIY Experience

Every Sunday
17:00〜18:00(Breakfast venue)

Try DIYing a variety of fun unique items!
Of course, you can take your creations home with you.
Make your very own Japanese fans, origami and more
and create your very own designs!