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Partnerships Services

We offer ticket sales at the front desk.
Please inquire with our staff for further details.
Please note that the prices vary depending on the day of the week and time.
※Kindly be aware that reservations and refunds are not available.
  • Kaiyukan Aquarium

    Kaiyukan Aquarium
    Ticket Sale in Progress
    (Weekday Prices Listed)
    • Adults


    • Children(Elementary and Middle School Students)


    • Infants(3 years old and above)


    We highly recommend using e-tickets for a smooth entry.

    ※Please note that ticket prices may vary depending on the date.


    Ticket Sale in Progress
    (Weekday Prices Listed)
    • Adults


    • Children (Elementary and Middle School Students)


  • Soraniwa SPA

    Soraniwa SPA
    Special Discount Tickets Available at the Front Desk
    • Adults


    • Children


    Experience a full day of fun at Kansai’s largest hot spring-themed amusement park!

    ※Please note that ticket prices may vary depending on the date.

Referral Services

Please proceed to the front desk for inquiries and registration.
Our staff will be happy to assist you.
※If you have made a reservation on your own, please inform the front desk upon arrival.
  • Maruwa Transportation

    Maruwa Transportation
    Hotel ➡ Kansai Airport
    • 1 piece


    Please register at the front desk by 11:00 AM on the day of departure to have your bulky luggage delivered to Kansai Airport.
  • Sun Smile Transportation

    Sun Smile Transportation
    Hotel ➡ Kansai Airport
      Private Charter Taxi
      Reservation at the front desk
    • Maximum 6 to 9 people

      ¥16,000 to ¥20,000

    Time to be discussed
    Reservation available 2 days or the day before
    Same-day reservations may also be possible.

    Delivery Service within Japan
    We offer a delivery service from the hotel to your designated destination within Japan.
    Please inquire at the front desk for details.
    We also have boxes available for purchase.
    Our staff will provide you with information regarding the delivery fee and estimated delivery time.
    Please note that the service is available for delivery to your home or accommodation.
  • EMS

    International Shipping from the Hotel
    We provide international shipping services from the hotel, facilitated by postal service personnel who will come to the hotel for pick-up.

    Please note the following conditions: It is necessary for the customer to be present during the shipping process.
    If you are unable to be present, we regret that we cannot proceed with the shipment.
We do not sell tickets for USJ (Universal Studios Japan), Osaka e-Pass (Osaka Amazing Pass), JR passes, or one-day tickets for Kyoto, Nara, and other destinations.
Osaka e-Pass(Osaka Amazing Pass)are available at various Osaka Metro stations.
JR passes can be purchased at Kansai Airport and Osaka Station.
One-day tickets can be purchased at various prefectural railway lines.