The Bridge Hotel


Our mission is to serve as a "bridge"
between Japan and the world.

We have put much thought into building this new hotel in Shinsaibashi.

We hope that all our visitors will fall in love with Japan.
What can we do to make that a reality for you?
All of our staff at the Dotonbori Hotel have put their skill and effort into creating
a high level of Japanese hospitality and a cultural experience that will be pleasing to all of our guests.
Moreover, we want to offer our customers from around the world,
many new and exciting memories of Japan. We launched this project,
hoping to fulfill our desire to provide the ideal hospitality hotel.

Our mission is to serve as a bridge between Japan and the world.

Since the opening of the Dotonbori Hotel in 1970, we have taken good care of our one and only hotel. Now, after 46 years we are opening the second hotel called "The Bridge Hotel". We have carried on our father’s passion for excellence and have continued to work with integrity. We hope to serve as a bridge, in order to enhance every visitor's experience and love of Japan.

Cross the red bridge in front of the hotel and step inside, there is a whole new world of Japanese culture and hospitality inside. Japanese cultural events, as well as hospitality, and atmosphere are the experiences we hope will be unforgettable memories for all of our guests.

This is the beginning of the
"Omotenashi" hospitality hotel,
which we hope to create.

Co., Ltd. Okyu
The BRIDGE HOTEL Senior Managing Director
Mingen Hashimoto

The Bridge hotel is a place where guests can experience
Japanese traditional and modern culture.

We hope our guests will enjoy every moment of their time in Japan, making the best possible memories.

Now we are planning events and experiences, which we hope you will enjoy.